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He could catch fire

Any little event could set the guy on fire.

Scott Brown - a freaking Republican - won up here in MA. There was a tea party surge, and brown was considered a tea-partiy-ier. So he got in. On a youtube that went viral:

"It is not the democrat's seat, and it is not the Kennedy's seat. It is the people's seat."

That line is what won it for him. Total fluke, combined with a tea party surge.

Then he got voted out for the real deal Elizabeth Warren, for the other side. Frankly I prefer Beth, because she's got such fire, to Scott Brown's luke warm Republican schtick.

Rand now has to worry about being painted as a 'moderate.' I don't think he has to worry too much, because Cruz is bound to crash. He probably has to worry more about fatso from New Jersey.

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