Comment: According to this site, a measly 199:

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According to this site, a measly 199:

Keep in mind that many people still have never heard of Ron Paul, MUCH LESS this "notarized/write in campaign" that was attempted, while others simply went for Gary Johnson. Let's not forget the vast number of delegates that were pissed because Dr. Paul wasn't so much running "to win", as much as to spread the message. It is what it is...

This is not directed at you PL, but I'll take the opportunity to say it here and now. I've noticed that some members here have mocked this Dr. K user, as well as that lawyer, Richard Gilbert - be it for their approach, wardrobe, and dare I say haircut. Regardless of their approach, at least they didn't sit on their hands and do NOTHING. Whether their approach was misguided or not, it was more than I can say for others here. At least, in their own way, THEY TRIED. It wasn't the first time people have disagreed about HOW TO, and HOW NOT to go about doing things - and it won't be the last. The important thing to keep in mind is that the ultimate goal was the same and some never gave up even while it seemed futile at best. For those that clung to the last shreds of hope even while it was plainly obvious that all was lost - you have my respect.