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My tuition

Spring CA GOP convention, Tea Party was upset at "establishment". Republican Liberty CAUCUS took a big lead, being better organized grassroots (Raimondo was speaker).

FALL CA GOP convention, Tea Party is a CAUCUS and they are very professional.. where Republican Liberty Caucus, was still rooty, good show, still rooty.

I remember when I thought that Ron Paul rEVOLution was part of the tea party, and then Hannity and MSM got a hold of the tea party, and that as far as MSM was concerned was Palin, Bachman, Lee, Cruz, and folks suggested Rand rode in on his dad's tea party coat tails.. but to me... the tea party is a fabricated as it gets.

Sure the Tea Party represents real people that have real interests (but the are in the process of formation as a caucus, thus all this "Tea Party" oon/in MSM is fabricated from the top down).

Meanwhile, back at the troph, that is a congresscritters job (to bring home the bacin, just like Roin Paul did), and why McConnell is not worried about "conservative" PACS, because like Ron Paul, he understands that keeping the state flush is what is going to win, and Rand Paul, who is part of that "Tea Party" in MSM, is in an interesting position.. he's with McConnell, and people like a good team.. people in CA like the Feinstein-Boxer team (and one reason we are deep in police state, as many here like having two nannies that have great staff that respond).

At the GOP conventions, you can see the layers of players in a kind of poker chess game. Mitch can deliver, and I think he'll win. I think Bevins is to keep the tea party on it's toes for future elections.. I think Rand will stay in the senate and make a presidential run in 2020 if Hillary wins 2016 :D.