Comment: Rand has to back McConnell.

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Rand has to back McConnell.

That's the deal that he and McConnell made when McConnell started working amenably with him. He will back McConnell no matter what, unless McConnell gets busted for some great betrayal of the Party. I don't know this to be a documented fact, but it's obvious.

Rand backed Romney while his father was still running for President. He didn't betray his father. There's no way he did that without his father's blessing. I don't see Ron Paul interviewing Rand or saying anything in support of him if he'd been betrayed by his son. Again, I don't have a crystal ball. It's just obvious. I was as mad about it as anyone when it happened.

Just because Rand backs McConnell doesn't mean that McConnell has to win because Rand says he should. He shouldn't. He's been in the Senate long enough and he needs to go. If Rand's supporters in Kentucky go against Rand's wishes and vote for Bevin, well, Rand kept his end of the deal. Kentuckians are the voters who will decide. Rand only gets to vote once.

I try to watch Rand very closely because I want him to be what I think he is, but I see the tightrope he's walking. If the primaries were taking place now, I'd do all the things I did during Ron Paul's campaign for Rand.

I seriously hope he's not forced into a situation where he has to betray one side to prove allegiance to the other. This definitely isn't it, and he has already proved that he has the skills to avoid that. We knew this was going to happen and can't expect Rand to do anything but what he's doing, which is support McConnell.