Comment: Glad to see this getting some traction.

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Glad to see this getting some traction.

The Romans absolutely did create the character known as "Jesus" to give the messianic-militaristic movement of Torah Jews a pacifistic tax paying messiah that believed it was okay to live under Roman rule; that taught them to turn the other cheek and give unto Caesar what is Caesars.

The character "Jesus" was Titus' Malachi (his messenger) in the Seven year War (the Roman-Jewish War); the seven year war is what's known as the tribulation in the Scriptures, the Romans actually starved the Jews out of Jerusalem from 66CE to 73CE.

The very word "Gospels" in its earliest Greek translation means "Good news of military victory".

Every single event in Jesus ministry campaign is 100% totally dependent on the military campaign of Titus Flavius in his War with the Jews-time for time and location for location.

The character Jesus said "Before this generation I am speaking to shall pass, a son of Man will come. He will encircle the city of Jerusalem with an Army; burn down the Galilean cities; Raze the Holy Temple, and leave no stone atop another".

Who fulfilled the prophecies Jesus spoke of?

Yep ........... Titus Flavius, the son of Man, the son of the living God-Vespasian-the Emperor of Rome (first none Caesar to seize the throne).

The Holy Trinity is:

The Father - The Son - The Holy Spirit = Vespasian - Titus - Domitian

Domitian was known as the 'awful or holy spirit'; he wanted to be recognized as a lord or God like his brother Titus (jealousy).

The Scriptures are the literary version of the Arch of Titus which still stands in Rome today (you should study it).

If this doesn't open your eyes, nothing will:

Yes, Joseph Atwill has cracked the Jesus code-it is official, and he has the documents to prove it.