Comment: Pacifistic my @$$.

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Pacifistic my @$$.

Yes, running into the temple and beating the everloving snot out of the merchants taking it over with a freaking bullwhip is totally pacifistic.

For the record, it's widely agreed amongst -theologians- that you are indeed correct that Jesus spoke of the Roman invasion. Congratulations, you just wrote for all the world to see that Jesus did in fact make a correct prophecy. I'd advise studying some Bible commentaries before you try to spew your "discoveries." Christianity's been around for two thousand years, odds are anything "new" you've figured out is a common topic amongst scholars.

Really, words can't even begin to describe how pretentious, arrogant, and outright absurd Atwill's entire premise is. See my - and many others' - below posts that absolutely tear this goofball's pathetic "theory" to shreds that somehow manage to be more worthless than the intact theory.

The entire thing is pure, simple wild extrapolation and cherry-picking. Water into wine? Yeah, military campaigns galore. Have you even READ the New Testament? How about the part where he was, you know, brutally beaten and then executed without cause by the Romans who supposedly invented him? Running the merchants out of the Temple? The constant healings? The bread? It must take some incredible mental gymnastics to arrive at the conclusion that, not only are these somehow a reference to a Roman military campaign, but that having been supposedly written well after the fact somehow manage to win over die-hard religious zealots! Even better, the Romans also brutally hunt down and murder followers of this religion that they supposedly created!

The others who disagree I'll respect. You, "The South," however, I will not. You are as pretentious and arrogant as Atwill himself. You make sweeping, grand statements that fall apart at the slightest examination and demonstrate a THOROUGH lack of understanding of the events of the New Testament and the language used therein. You completely ignore the prophecies and types of the Old Testament that were so precisely fulfilled. The theory you advocate as though it were your own is so inherently illogical that it cannot be taken seriously by those who have done any studying of history and the Bible. Go, before you make a greater fool of yourself! Spare us all your drivel. At least the others have the decency to post with some intelligence and without the disgusting arrogance yours reeks of.