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Comment: Dude, you don't have to "pretend" anything

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Dude, you don't have to "pretend" anything

Historical scholars have beaten the tar out of these wild speculations and conspiracies for decades. It's just too many people watched Zeitgeist, genuinely believed the drivel and the assumption that some dude with no historical training could take down the entire ancient historical scholarly community from his basement somewhere, and are chasing after anything they can get their hands on to validate the presuppositions about Jesus that they desperately want to be true.

He was a historical figure. We have source documents that can be traced back to one year after his crucifixion. Atheist and agnostic historical scholars are on this page. We know that people saw, or thought they saw, him raised from the dead, and genuinely believed it, up to their deaths BECAUSE they believed it. This is not believing a physical principle and martyring for that. this is believing in an EVENT. Totally different things.

Get over it.

Besides, Christianity is the absolutely stupidest religion you could possibly invent to try to enslave people. Think about it: "you need redemption". The state taking over there would say "so do all of this shit we demand from you or you don't get it".

Christianity says: "you need redemption. You are not capable of attaining it. God in his grace took the punishment pre-wired into his creation and extended his grace to you, and all you have to do is believe it. You are no longer a slave to the law. you are free to go and do good, now".

Yes, totally makes sense from a statist perspective. Only the most self-destructive of governments, ever, would attempt to use theologically accurate Christianity to attempt to control people.

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