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You're ate up with it, aren't you? .... LOL

You are a bantering fool. I've read his book; I've studied Atwill's blog, interviews, documentary for over two years now, and am absolutely 100% positive his discovery is going to turn Christianity upside down in its head. And to think, I was actually a Christian myself.

I love people like you who REFUSE to study the information, and stick to your biblical brainwashing to the death.

The man is trying to free the world of religion (not spirituality); free the world of gov't tyranny and expose a 2,000 year old con, and he's doing one hell of a fine job, if I must say so myself.

He is about to release his new book "The Silver Strand" which proves Domitian was the author of the Pauline material and Revelation in the NT.

Take your religion and shove it.