Comment: Can't believe no one knows

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Can't believe no one knows

Can't believe no one knows this....

The only reason Rand's all behind McConnell is because McConnell hired Benton to be his Campaign Manager. Why would McConnell do that? Because he wanted to hire the Tea Party staff to fend off a Tea Party attack! So then why would Rand agree to that? Because he gets to infiltrate McConnell's base. Get it?

He gets to tap into McConnell's juggernaut campaign donor base and establish relations with those donors. That's the whole job of Jesse Benton. This is no secret. Obviously, McConnell knows that. That's the compromise he made. It's a symbiotic relationship.

So obviously, Rand will back McConnell to the end because of the KEY alliance he was able to make with the Senate Minority Leader! That's a huge feat for a junior Senator who is bringing constitutional common sense to the main stream via:

1. Filibustering Drone attacks on Americans on US soil.
2. Fighting for excons' rights to vote (these rights are inalienable!)
3. Fighting for decriminalizing drug possession
4. Fighting for industrial hemp.

Hmmm, the DP's got the sharpest folks on the web and I'm surprised so many people don't understand what Rand is up to!