Comment: After watching it to the end, I begin to wonder:

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After watching it to the end, I begin to wonder:

Maybe they just created this to incite outrage. I can see the Regime doing something like that. Trying to control the reactions of the people by creating the actions.

It is a paranoid thought, but one that deserves the scrutiny that paranoia brings. Especially in light of all that we know about this government.

quiltingsando said something important in her "Keep Calm and Carry On" post. She can't even trust her own thoughts, because she doesn't even know where they originated from.

It is like we're in a house of mirrors.

Who benefits the most from that video, and how? It is a focusing of attention. Bob Costas was out there as a thought leader on Monday Night Football.

We should hear something from Costas about this now. That's how I'd write the script. Costas in a public fight with his employer ABC/ESPN.

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Did this video just happen Ralph? Thanks for posting it.

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But I'll tell you. That

He's the man.