Comment: I don't know what to make of this

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I don't know what to make of this

Clearly there are those who found this offensive, but just to give some context and another perspective, Lee Corso (the guy dressed up like Osceola) is a long time college football commentator and a well known Florida State Alumnus (his daughter too I think). Often when the Seminoles are playing a big game he will pick the other team to win if he thinks they have the better team, but in this match up he is picking his alma mater to win and the way I saw it maybe all he was intending to do was show his colors (and some may say "well that he did") by dressing up as his team's mascot, which happens to be an american indian tribe, and saying "I pick the Seminoles".

I'm not saying american indians should not be offended- they feel what they feel- and he was a bit over the top with the dancing, but Bill Murray (what was he doing there anyway? I'm not aware of any ties he has to either school) did intervene by gentling wrestling away the spear and sorta spiking corso, as if to say "you jackass, put away the spear and take off that outfit". I'm not so sure it was an effort to humiliate a culture as much as it was an effort to humiliate Lee Corso.

Considering they were set up outside the stadium where the biggest game of the week was taking place, and perhaps the biggest football game in CONFERENCE (ACC) history, and fans from both teams were gathered around the set, and given the nature of sports rivalries in general and college sports rivalries in particular, I think it was intended as light-hearted fun, even if it was not received that way by some.

I would agree that the historic Chief Osceola would probably not want his name and image used in the way that it is, but the reality is that the living descedants of the Seminole tribe are consulted by the school and fully supportive of the school's use of not only their name but their pre-game rituals before home games(i.e., the mascot Chief Osceola rides his war horse out to center of the field carrying a flaming spear, and then spikes it into the field and gallops away to the sound of thunderous cheers and applause).