Comment: 7th or 8th time now?

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7th or 8th time now?

I'm losing count how many times I've had to explain why the hypothesis is wrong.

Since you seem incapable of scrolling down and reading comments before proving how wrong you are.

1. The hypothesis states that Josephus in collaboration with Rome after the Roman war 66-73 AD. created the Gospels and Jesus as a way to subdue and make everyone follow Rome.

2. The existence of Jesus, his Church, or anyone talking about the Church and Gospels before the conspiracy dates 66-73 would nullify the hypothesis.

3. St Paul, his New Testament writings, and the Church already existed 20 years before the Fall of The Jewish Temple and the Roman war.

4. Therefor we conclude the hypothesis that Rome and Josephus created Jesus and the Gospels is Null and void.