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Who was the wiser?

Didn't the Roman Emperors end up being Christian.

All part of the plan? But the Christian church assimilated too many Roman Imperial paradigms.

The Roman Empire succumbed the Christian Empire. While a sounder monotheism was founded in Arabia, near where Moses wandered thousands of years before.

The practice of Islam fosters free trade, the gods no longer interfered.

The Economic empire spread across the Mediterranean adding mathematics of the Indian subcontinent from a culture that built the Taj Mahal to the Egyptian and Greek mathematics.

The Holy Roman Empire struck back, still clinging to it's old glory and embracing the gory parts.

the first Great Schism created the Greek Church and the Roman Church. The English Church seceded from Rome. Later Calvin, Zwingli, Luther and others.

After a counter-productive Counter-reformation the Second Vatican Council recognized that all of us honored One God, or at least one reality which cannot not be.

Inter-sectarian rancor was dogma for centuries. But the realization was that all were one communion with a good man.

A service done, time with friends, a gift shared, touched with eyes was how he asked to be remembered.

Perhaps a better question is, does this trouble empires?

The idea that a good man asked to be remembered.

In some places the host is thanked. A prisoner does not thank their jailer. Where are the hosts and where are the guests?

Free includes debt-free!