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I was thinking more *Edit*

in terms of having guidance in the transition phase when one is switching over to a ketogenic diet. For instance, someone who has a very weak heart would probably have to be careful engaging any sort of significant fasting as glucose is only stored in the tissues for about eight hours and it will take time for their body to switch over to running on ketones vs glucose. But yes, after the transition is complete, I can see the diet itself being very beneficial for the heart. I'm not sure what the equivalent considerations would be for someone with weak kidneys. I'd imagine that a drastic dietary change that initiates too rapid of a detoxification could overburden the kidneys in the short run. I'll take a look at the videos in your comment.

The notes need some work. I'll make some corrections/changes once I get a clearer picture of what factors have to be considered.

I just changed "Note II" in the OP and merged the first two notes together.