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I understand

and I know this will always be an uphill battle, but I feel there are so many opportunities to use every crisis as a creative opportunity. Most of the time we always react to tyranny, but at least we are still reacting even in greater numbers. The mainstream media along with the administration is throwing everything against us right now because the message cannot be stopped. A lot of folks have given up on politics in the liberty movement and I can respect that, but I feel it's the greatest vehicle for liberty to travel and spread the message even more so and not to mention trying to keep the tyrants in check. Liberty in politics is not perfect, but I see many victories happening though, take the 2nd Amendment rallies earlier this year. My only wish is if we could all be more proactive and unite coalitions to advance liberty in different issues to stop tyranny from growing, because it's growing and without anyone to get involved, evil advances. It takes all of us to give this movement energy and all of us have something to share. Thanks for all you do and much respect to you qultingsando, may peace and love be with you and your family. I hear a lot of stories about your flags and from your post I think from 2010 which I found the comments to be humous and exciting. Hope to see you around, peace........

kind people rock