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sorry for the late reply

there is no relationship between my occult beliefs and my masonic membership. I was into the occult before i joined freemasonry. my brothers in the lodge don't care about the occult and most of them say freemasonry has nothing to do with it.

Quote:"Why is it that Masons are so secretive about their religion?"
Because we don't have a religion. Freemasonry does NOT replace your religion. In my lodge we have christians, jews and muslims. Again freemasonry is not a religion, it has religious elements. We don't have a god which we worship. That is up to your own religion, your own belief. Regular freemasonry just expects the brother to believe in a higher power, freemasonry will never tell you what this higher power is and what you should believe, because we don't like dogmas. In regular freemasonry we don't allow atheists to join us, so it is necessary to believe in something, but we will never tell you what this belief should be. That is up to your religion or worldview.

About Blavatsky: She has NOTHING to do with freemasonry! when she talked about an Aryan race, she meant enlightened beings who would care for each other and love each other. When she said that they are superior she didn't mean that they should rule or conquer. she didn't even talk about the germans! I urge you to read her books. It's not dangerous to read her books.

Quote:"Do Masons subscribe to the same occultism that the Nazis did?"
No, the nazis closed ALL masonic lodges! They didn't like people who would think for themselves. They closed our lodge too and stole our money. We don't have the same beliefs as the nazis, thats just absurd. AGAIN: We are not even a religion, so we can't have one belief. Most of us believe in the good that is in every human being. Most of us want to help each other. The Nazis are completely the opposite.

About the Knights Templar:
There is no HISTORICAL connection between masons and the templars. There is however, a lot of myth regarding that subject. The masons are not the offspring of the knights templar. there are so many mistakes in the things you said about the knights templar, that I am not sure what to say or where to start :) Anyway the knights templar are not of importance for "real" freemasonry... they have a MYTHOLOGICAL meaning. Please understand that there is a difference between mythological and historical. Anyway, if you want to know more about this mythological connection you should check out this video about the york rite:

Btw. I don't agree with everything in that video...

If you want to know more about the origins of freemasonry you should check out this movie:

If you want to know more about freemasonry, feel free to contact me.