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Strict Liability "crimes"

is an invention of the same criminal men who levied war against the people of the United States and their representatives to usher in the 14th amendment corporate citizen as a means to unlawfully claim "jurisdiction" in any subject matter. These concepts where merely an extension of the corporate state the British formalized and implemented in 1600.

The civil war was their final usurpation of America into their British style control freakiness implemented as the legal fiction of corporate personhood whom could be regulated under codes as citizens. In other words they began extorting and killing people who would not contract with them. They were also able to finally remove the original 13th amendment from history with their war upon the People. With the fog of war they rewrote the history, forced children into public education to learn that history, created currency out of thin air, forced people into citizenship status for code application, invented strict liability crimes and began the long road to consolidate and usurp the very diverse banking institutions of the United States.

They made the US a corporation and then encouraged all states and municipalities to incorporate. Eventually the corporation completely usurped the entire government and now we have control freaks who engineered a highly compartmentalized mass eugenics apparatus that is ready to go online all in the name of "enforcing the law".

Some how out of all these crimes to implement this nightmare chicken believes it is somehow lawful for the courts to be doing what they are doing. Hey chicken why don't you just reveal who the criminal control freaks who demand such criminal activity to be interpreted as lawful. If people are afraid of someone because they might get in trouble from that particular man or woman then that is the control freak we need to identify. Reveal them if you interact with them. Wake up to real law chicken. Just because the crimes began long ago and expanded does not mean they are or ever were lawful.

Waking up is not like you just wake up and realize its all screwed up. Waking up is about many layers of the onion that keep getting peeled back in order to better understand the world and how we can maximize prosperity through the protections of law. Strict liability "crimes" is not lawful due to the fact that such enforcement enables one to have a valid cause of action against the enforcer breaking the law to enforce the law.

The derivations of the current claims of authority have been born of forced citizenship (slavery) cannot be applied in any lawful manner because the elements of a valid contract for such a citizenship status do not exist due to lack of proper disclosure and no mutual understanding. In fact such a contract for "citizenship" is unconscionable once one realizes that this is the chains of slavery around our necks. This is the nature fraud. One does not realize they have been defrauded until after the criminal acts against them have already occurred.

A right cannot be made from a wrong. The case law is not valid because their claims of validity are false.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...