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Comment: That was fun to watch

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That was fun to watch

I've never been on a tower anywhere close to that height, but the view is absolutely breathtaking on some of the ones I've been up. WINC tower is on top of Blue Mountain (Bluemont, VA) at about 2,200ft, and the tower is about another 10% on top of that. You see everything from there! The Blue Ridge mountains look like rippling water on a lake.

If you don't be stupid (i.e., check the weather channel, keep three points of contact, read the RF frequencies and strengths and see if any will fry you) then it's not that dangerous. It's friggin' exhausting, though! I bet the climbers in the OP video could do many, many chin-ups.

I do have to admit it gets slightly scary in one particular scenario. Imagine you're half-way up, and it suddenly gets foggy. You can't see the ground, and you can't see the sky. You can't see anything around you except for vague flashing lights from towers. The tower you are on is slightly swaying. You can't simply look at the horizon to get your balance, because there is none. You can't even get any sort of realistic idea where the sun is! Just gotta trust that you can keep climbing upwards until you see the sky (or the antenna you need to service).

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