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I don't envy you

having done that! You're braver than me. I guess I understand about the weight, but I'd think that with all our advanced technology, they'd be able to figure it out, like maybe devise some way to lower what's at the top (that might need to be repaired or replaced) to some place that's safer to be worked on. Or do something with robotics, such as they do with space stations. Or at least devise something that could hang down from the top that a guy could hook himself onto!!! Maybe we just shouldn't be making towers so high in the first place.

I guess so long as there are people willing to take the risk to do those kinds of jobs there won't be a demand for something safer. But it does seem a bit of an incongruenty; with all of the less significant OSHA rules and regulations that exist in various industry, I'm surprised it's even allowed.

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