Comment: What is wrong with Fracking?

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What is wrong with Fracking?

I have a client that is in the fracking business at the engineer level...they haven't got it perfect yet...but...the supposed damage to the aquifer or water is minimal at best.
Of course there is always a tradeoff when we do any kind of extracting of resources or even simply digging a hole in the ground to make room for seeds or a foundation for a hospital but..the food that is generated by working the land or building a hospital from the hole in the ground tends to far out weigh the "damage" to mama earth...wouldn't you say?Soooo...what is so wrong with the trade off (that there certainly is for extracting energy sources from the earth) when the payoff is such a huge benefit to us humans??
By the way I am Canadian...and am surprised at the violence but possibly there is another beef that the Indians have and that may be that they want in on the financial action....don't know myself..but..whenever there has been any kind of mining on Indian lands there can be this type of issue. This is just an extension of the "Tragedy of the commons" dilemma that is so often the case with communally held property as reservations are.