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I think you're right

And it's funny, but I never "feel" like I'm getting up high except in the very early part of the first ascent. After that, it's like swimming.

I do Wireless Internet (long range stuff) installs, so I get on pretty much any and every roof, pole, tower, tree, mountain, or whatever. I've gotten pretty used to it all, but the one thing that does always scare me is when I'm doing a residential install and the customer has an old shingle roof. Those shingles get brittle, and once you start sliding it's hard to stop. Tall businesses usually have a nice wall or something, but homes usually just deposit you on a piece of concrete or rock at the bottom. It's the short falls that always worry me.

I'm guessing by your name that you do HVAC, which is something that has always made me nervous actually. The cranes for AC units, LP lines, sharp sheet metal, and so on and so forth. Now that's a real rough business!

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