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Nailed it.

Rand is walking a tightrope. He has to make nice with recovering Neocons and libertarians like me, while still reaching out to reflexive GOP voters who don't realize that Progressives stole their party in 1998 and have been running it into the ground ever since. I think he's doing a masterful job of it.

I only wish that the emotional adolescents among us would get over his endorsement of the GOP nominee (he did NOT endorse RMoney, he endorsed the nominee, as he had ALWAYS promised to do) and stop playing "crabs in a bucket" by tearing down the most pro-liberty-voting Senator we have.

It would be nice if Rand could, at the very least, count on the support of everyone who claims to have supported Ron Paul because he was pro-liberty.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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