Comment: Its not "pussyfication" its

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Its not "pussyfication" its

Its not "pussyfication" its just the police state. Unfortunately, the irrational paranoia for things to go badly and dependence on the government to save us has led to government intervention in every aspect of our lives. As the laws pass the state creeps in, unfortunately this way of thinking and over stepping of regulation leaks over into the private sector, a.k.a., society in general. People over react to the slightest thing that might be illegal. Seeing a kid play with a BB gun in his back yard and neighbor says "Is that legal?" and calls the cops and the child ends up getting expelled from school. (This actually really happened.) The dependence on government has given the government a false sense of authority to manage our lives and enforce their gracious will upon us. I think there is an agenda to make men less manly so they are less likely to fight the state, less likely to stand up for their beliefs and whats right. I.E. the low testosterone epidemic, why is this so? What is causing it?

For the post, its funny you mention sports because this is definitely true. Basketball, hockey, baseball, and the NFL have become less contact and over regulated. IMO, the players had the choice to sign up and knew the risks upon doing so therefore if anyone should be deciding the rules it should be predicated by the players. Check out the NBA in the Jordan days compared to now. The NFL has definitely played a part with campaigns such as breast cancer awareness with all the players being forced to wear pink. What about testicular cancer? Sad because I am already being labeled anti-woman just by bringing up such a question. Equal rights means equal rights. Not trying to be petty here but can we just try and please live up to our evolutionary conclusions? Right?