Comment: We're a Bunch Of Pussies!

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We're a Bunch Of Pussies!

A post that does not BORE the crap out of me. And your writing style appeals to me.
Get the book that Jack Cashill called, "Splendidly Incorrect!" From EXIT 13A - A Control Tower Diary: (available at
....Now the question becomes-Is this a good job for a man? Or is it more suited to pussies?Maybe that's why this job attracts so many spineless jelly fish, toady yes men, conflicted cross dressers and pencil necks...cake boys who were raised by their grandmothers. Boys more suited for work as interior decorators or flight attendants, boys who never fired a shot in anger, or pulled the pin on a live hand grenade, or shouldered a pack while humping through the boonies, or stood a guard post, or laced up a pair of boxing gloves, or slid head first into third base, or dis-assembled a 45 automatic and put it back together - blindfolded. Men who never mixed it up in a fist-fight where the outcome was in doubt, or worse yet, knowing you will lose.

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man