Comment: This is all due to the

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This is all due to the

This is all due to the useless expansion of the state apparatus. Every generation, atleast since 1913, have seen their freedoms and simple means of happiness removed by the state.

I'm pretty sure that some from the Great Depression and WW-II era would've seen the Baby boomer generation as pussies. It's all subjective.

A great deal of things happened during the boomers generation - post-war population boom, JFK, the petro-dollar and the rise of suburbia. I am not sure about other distortion of cultural values especially about children listening to parents.

This current generation are not pussies. Yes we are often afraid of the state, have to get their permission to even grow a plant. But we are also doing our bit against the statists in ways and means that are possible in addition to our jobs and family time.

Don't worry, with the destruction of American prosperity by the TPTB and the sheeple, people will go back to the older simpler ways such as not having car-seats, come out of the (anti-microbial) cleanliness paranoia and stop relying on stupidity (a.k.a statist laws) from cradle to grave.