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The "trade-off"

Implies someone is giving up something but receiving some benefit
in exchange. In fact, with fracking and much else those doing the
giving up receive few if any of the benefits.

Some areas targeted for fracking, such as the Karoo region of South Africa
and Argentine Patagonia are deserts or nearly so and the vast amount of
water required to conduct the fracking would vastly deplete the only sources
of water (groundwater) and likely pollute whatever might be left. Who in their
right mind would give up their water supply in a desert? Of course those who
are profiting most from this don't plan on being around once the gas is extracted
and water is gone...

Then there are incidents like this - which occurred using a nitrogen gas based
fracking process - supposedly more benign, but:

I'm somewhat familiar with the area the article is about (it's in Letcher County, SE Kentucky) - it *used* to be beautiful and the people around there are generally very supportive of coal mining and extractive industry generally, you can see where it's gotten them.