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I really don't know how you can't understand such a simple point

Hello! We don't 'need' any of it if it does not do its function. We can contract to institute our own forms of remedy for disputes we may have with other individuals we may wish to deal with it. We can even establish and pay for our own independent security forces that are contracted to implement and carry out such a function OR NOT. We can even contract those security forces to apprehend any man claiming to be government that is unlawfully harassing the people. We can do whatever we need to do and we can formulate law via contract with other men to enable strict construction of bounded law applying to the capacity in which they serve.

We are in no way bound to have a city or police or code enforcements or any other ruling bureaucracy in any way whatsoever. This is what consent of the governed means and it is lawful regardless of what any other man says or believes. We only need to pursue whatever will most secure our own blessings of liberty how ever we see fit regardless of what ANY OTHER MAN MAY CLAIM whether it be a constitution or otherwise.

We are the supreme authority over our own safety, security and well being. So we can find our own lawful path regardless of the criminal bs that may spill from another man. I cannot find any other way for the lawful application of justice to anyone without an accuser who is accepting liability for their OWN accusations against the accused, PERIOD. If you or the men in the "courts" or any other man do not understand that in law every man/woman is liable for their OWN actions to be true then we have no mutual understanding between us and therefore all elements required for a valid contract do not exist between us and any claims to a constitution or otherwise have no effect or binding duty between us whatsoever are null and void and never existed. REAL LAW!

Therefore, whatever game you are going to play I am only willing to compact with people who understand that every man and woman is fully liable for their own actions including their accusations against another for the purpose and REASON that false accusations against someone INJURES THEM and the chain of liability must be identified at all times in all proceedings to know who is liable for false or frivolous accusations IF the accusations are false or frivolous. This fact is recognized in law that all men are equal in the eyes of the law i.e. The law is no respecter of persons and applies to any claiming to be in a limited liability capacity through the law of agency.

Maxims in Law:

An action is not given to one who is not injured.
An act of the court shall prejudice no one
If one falsely accuses another of a crime, the punishment due to that crime should be inflicted upon the perjured informer

So regardless of what you or the rest of the system may believe this is the facts of law. If you don't want to obey the law then we are done here.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...