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Antennas Up!

I've been listening to Karen since day one. And, since day one, I've liked a lot of what she had to say. What bothers me though is what she isn't saying! At least not directly. Will we end the illegal and immoral FED? Will our treasury print legal and lawful "money"' not tender? What will change in our government to allow this to happen? Who owns The World Bank? Who owns Bitcoin? How do we know that this isn't the CABAL, knowing that their Federal Reserve charade is ending, simply drawing us into a bigger Ponzi scheme?
I really want to believe she and this is real! But she has to get more concise with her statements!
She says we're getting back to "rule of law". Who's law?---Common Law?---Corporate Law?---Admiralty Law?---Constitutional Law?
If we're talking about The "World" Bank, who's law governs? Swiss? EU? US?
If anything other than US Constitutional Law applies, how are Americans sure their rights are represented? How are Americans to be assured their money is ever safe in a world bank situation?
I'm listening to what she is saying! And I'm waiting for her to say enough to make me comfortable.
A "change" with more of the same is not going to cut it with me.
Announcing a new asset backed currency, issued by our Treasury to me is STEP 2 and is questionable without STEP 1.
STEP 1 MUST be to announce to We The People, in detail, in main stream, exactly how we've been deceived for the last 200 years. This announcement MUST come with the living culprits being publicly held accountable and the deceased culprits having their TRUE and accurate histories published in contrast to previously published lies so that future historians will have an accurate picture of what corrupts a society!
Without STEP 1, how are we to believe that this is not just the same wolf in new sheeps clothing?