Comment: I've never cared for sport...

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I've never cared for sport...

"American" sport that is...I became a fanatic for auto racing in my early 20s...of course, I STILL can't stand me, that's not racing...that's just Hulk Hogan with motors.
I'm talkin' about European rally...old-school F1, LeMans, Sebring and Daytona endurance races. Well, they have all been "Wimpified" over the years, too!! Examples below:
Nascar: The rules used to be that the car had to be a "street car" that anyone could buy at the dealer, then they stripped out the interior, welded in the cage, dropped in a hot rod motor and turned left real fast. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday!! The beginning of the end was Chrysler...they did things better with the rule book that anyone else and built the Daytona, then the Superbird. Nobody had a chance and it made for a "boring" race...then the rules committee stepped in and "made things fair for everyone".
Can Am: This series ran in the US and Canada in the late 60s through the mid 70s (hay-days), it still is on today, but boring as heck....anyway, back-in-the-day the rules were simple: 4 wheels, brake lights,...and that's about it! Porsche built monsters that stomped everything else until the rules committee "made things fair for everyone".
WRC: World Rally Championship...Back when, there were 2 top categories: Group B and Group N. The Group B cars were the epitome of technology!! This is where your all-wheel-drive cars came from! Again 4 wheels, based on a street car...and after that, anything goes! The engineers went crazy building monsters that went ridiculously fast and without crowd control, the idiots were on the track in front of speeding cars as a type of "bravery contest" or something...the cars became known as the "Killer B's" as so many spectators were killed...along with some drivers/navigators. So...the rules committee wanted to make things "safe for everyone" and the days of ultimate engineering is gone.
Formula One: This used to be the pinnacle of motorsport as teams would throw huge amounts of resources at Championship efforts. Much of today's automotive knowledge comes directly from F1 inventions. Things like aerodynamics, multi-valve engines and sequential gearboxes come from F1 experiments. In fact, BMW had a 4 cylinder engine that was just 1.5 litres that made over the early 1980s!!!! Anyway, the cars became too fast and therefore "dangerous" so the rules committee made things "safer and more fair for everyone".
I can think of a half-dozen other examples...but you get the idea; Government, no matter what it is governing, is seldom the solution to any problem.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry