Comment: No, It was the Boomers

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No, It was the Boomers

Sorry to put this one on you too but it was the Boomers that made Americans a bunch of pussies. I'm at the front end of the Millennial Generation and I can tell you first hand that the majority of us are pussies due to over-protective parenting and the "everything is good" attitude (FYI: my parents weren't like this). To be honest, it's only gotten worse. At least in my time the parents let their kids go trick or treating...apparently that makes you a bad parent these days. Nevertheless, the Baby Boomers started the trend and therefore are to blame.

I'm not big on blanket blaming but I'm pretty sure the Boomers are responsible for 90% of screwing up this country. The generations that followed are only continuing what has already been laid. Now we will just wait and see what generation is left holding the tab (I'm guessing mine).