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Comment: I don't know

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I don't know

The feeling I get, whatever the GOP thought it was, Bush's terms imploded the party, as his cabinate went on with their global asparations having destroyed conservative leaders in their wake.

I think it's why Ron Paul ate lunch by himself and watched what was going on around him. Watched the GOP fall apart from the inside, see the MSM facade for what it is, and why he decided to go for it.. step up and invite the LP to step into the GOP voots, if we are man enough, so to speak, to not be afraid of crap.. step right up and take the GOP because it was gutted from real people.

And that's why LIBERTY is all over the floor while the establishment continue to live in their bubbles.. much like the entertainment industry.. which, I've come to the conclusion, most of it is.

I don't think of it as a civil war as much as I think it's growing pains for Liberty and transitional pains for the establishment.