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Hi! Thank you for the response and allowing me to clarify. "Move to Amend", is a Green Party / David Cobb (took the nomination from Nader in 04, when Nader could have cashed in on all the hard work of vilunteers like me.. anyways..

it was passed here last election

I believe we are meeting with them in November.

What's interesting to me, I don't believe things like this happen organically. there have been election law changes.. any amount contributed over $24.99 I need to have where the contributor is employed. I feel like I'm homeland security needing all this information about people for $25.00 contribution. And the GOP had presentations on new software designed for treasurer's like me because these laws are very complicated, the forms are complicated.. the GOP is a corporation, eh? And ironically, so is, "Move to Amend".

I think rather than amending, they need to revoke the amendment that made corporations human beings..