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Comment: I firmly believe we are in the 11th hour - and if we are now

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I firmly believe we are in the 11th hour - and if we are now

looking at a dem controlled house and senate after 2014 with Obama - it is all over. I really believe that. I mean really all over - like - you will see crazy radical changes happen very quickly.

I will put money right now - calling the shot - bookmark this post - that the FIRST think they will do is beef up border security and start a fence- of course showing that it was gridlock that prevented real change - and it was always gridlock making us less safe - but in reality - they will be sealing the border going out not in- and of course they will be cementing the idea that multiple parties just cause trouble and government can move much quicker with only one party.

Back to my point though.
By not having a proper ship to jump into - those who would be true to liberty - will drown with the sinking GOP- just as planned. Their names will be mud. The grassroots will be too disorganized and too small to make a difference because the Dem machine will be even stronger and more powerful.

I say start the third party - and force those who do not wish to sink in the GOP to play ball. Use the political game against the politician. You want in - you want endorsement - you want to be relevant - you vote the way you are told to vote - just like the good little lap dog you are now. With the right money in the right markets you could get a start in 2014. It would only take a few key elections - places where splitting the conservative vote wont' hurt and you could pick up D votes as well. With enough money and a marketing machine like the Dems have - the idea would grow very quickly. After all- new parties are so hip and trendy - didn't you know - it would be like all the rage on campus ;)

Rand could make it happen too - he is wise in the media, unlike his father. He says the right things at the right times.

I for one am tired of putting my hand on the stove- its hot and it burns - how many more times do you need to figure it out.