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I am glad you brought this up

I am glad you brought this up as I have noticed the same thing as well. They always show men as idiots and totally subserviant to their wives. I think the femenist movement is the other side of that coin as well as it teaches that gender doesnt mean anything and there is no qualities one possesses but not the other.

Men and women are different but their qualities compliment each other as part of a relationship. Hence the term 'My better half'.

At least my scoutmaster fought this tooth and nail. He taught us to be tough and REAL men. If we screwed up we had to stand in front of the troop with our hands behind our backs and get chewed out for a good half hour sometimes.

We used to go out and play "British Bulldogs" in which all the kids lined up and had to run across a field with 4-5 of the older scouts stood in the middle. The game was you had to make it across but the older scouts would tackle you into the ground and if they could pick you up long enough to say "British Bulldogs!" you were now part of the middle group. The kicker though is that if you fought the older guys off long enough to count to ten out loud then you could walk across free. I saw planty of cookie dough, femenized kids come into the troop and it was cool to see them toughen up real quick and they loved it becuase they actually had a way to prove themselves and could hold their heads up higher for it.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.