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Comment: Israel is only for Jews

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Israel is only for Jews

I lived in the Sinai desert 2003-2004 with the peace-monitoring force established by the Camp David Peace Accords, and spent many weekends in and around Israel that year.

The American people have no idea who the Israeli people are. Really, No clue at all.

The Isaeli's are the most racist people on the planet. Much more nationalist / racist / supremacist than the Chinese, the Germans, hell even our home grown variety of southern klan racist has nothing on the Isaelis. They literally think only Jews are human, and the rest of us are a sub-human class. They're happy to tell you this in Isreal, as I heard it many different occassions from many different Isaeli's over my year there.

They are God's chosen afterall, and the rest of the world better roll over and recognize. They really view America as a Farm, managed from abroad....from my heart, truth

If you look for it, this same supremacist attitude is easy to spot, right here in the USofA as well.

Time for honest Americans to speak up about what has happened in our country for the last 100+ years - we've been wholly conquered by a treacherous people from within our gates...

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!