Comment: Ayn Rand --- Hands Down & here is why

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Ayn Rand --- Hands Down & here is why

When Ayn Rand was brilliant in her writing & public remarks she was simply brilliant. And when Ayn Rand was horribly wrong in her writing & public remarks, she was what I call "Ayn Rand Gottcha-wrong", that is, you could use Ayn Rand's own writing elsewhere to show she got this one wrong. She is a real intellectual exercise, a really fun philosophical-political puzzle to discover, learn from, validate and most of all, correct her mistakes.

Examples where Ayn Rand can be used against Ayn Rand are:

1) Abortion (human fetus a "bunch of cells" w/o individual rights)
2) Palestinians (savages apparently w/o private property rights)
3) American Indians (savages apparently w/o private property rights)
4) Evolution (Perhaps Man always walked the earth [what happened to objective evidence and rational reasoning from the facts?])
5) Libertarianism (steals "some of my ideas";Go tell that to Isabella Patterson and all the libertarians who were born before Ms Rand)
6) Patents & Copyrights (confuses what is and is not property)
7) Israel (It has the "right" to exist but openly admits she does not know its historical beginnings or religious knowledge of the zionist movement that brought it to being.
8) Human Ethical Altruism - its evil on the one hand, and it does not exist on the other.

This is just a short list. The list gets much longer. But again, the point is you can literally use Rand vs Rand to correct all her mistakes. Some of my friends wonder out loud if its not Young Rand vs Old Rand, since its Old Rand who makes most of the errors in reasoning.

Anyway, by far the most interesting and challenging author in quite some time. Someone could/should write a book entitled just that "Rand vs Rand".


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