Comment: Yes. Also, political parties are designed for change.

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Yes. Also, political parties are designed for change.

The GOP platform can be changed to anything by members of the GOP.

The Knee-jerk explanation of Left verses Right, Democrat verses Republican as far as political parties are concerned is mind-numbing, over-simplified, bull-malarkey.

The GOP rules allow for a redefinition of the party platform; be-it socialist, communist, libertarian, or whatever.

The GOP "War" is only necessary if the established GOPers wage it. Otherwise, from what I've seen, the Ron Paul/Liberty people have (initially) joyously entered the GOP with peaceful and fair intent.

However, the shockingly unethical use of power (procedural tricks and such), even at the lowest level, is what brings on the fighting and supposed "War".

The days of being a nice victim are over. If they go out fighting, then so be it.