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I'm sorry, but

It's clear that you know nothing about frac'ing except what you've seen on an HBO documentary. I appreciate your right to a non-violent protest, and I even appreciate that you are against hydraulic fracturing, a view I disagree with. But please get your facts straight about what frac'ing is and is not. What exactly is a "fracking and oil pumping site where there is a windowless plant". I have been around frac'ing for some time now and I've never seen a frac' location with a plant. Frac' jobs are conducted by mobile crews with mobile horsepower and other mobile equipment. The process is mobile. There are no plants and there are no stationary tanks. All tanks are mobile, the entire process is mobile. Also, oil isn't "fracked out of the earth" a hyrdrocarbon bearing formation is fractured propping the fracture open with sand allowing the previously low permeability zone to produce at a much higher rate delivering hydrocarbons into the wellbore. Finally, I find it beyond ridiculous that any company would dump water into the ocean- especially in California.

I find it ironic to see an anti-frac message on the Daily Paul. Frac'ing is about free markets, private property ownership (mineral rights) and productive industry. Hydraulic fracturing has been widely implemented since the '50s and millions of stages have been performed without a SINGLE instance of aquifer contamination. If someone owns the rights to minerals, they should be able to extract them. If they do it in a manner that pollutes their neighbors habitats they should be subject to the court system.

Frac'ing could end America's dependence on foreign resources. A coalition has been formed, sponsoring anti frac' information in attempt to end America's pipe dream of not relying on foreign oil. This coalition includes money from Qatar and Russia which was used to sponsor Gasland. Please see the movie "Fracknation" for a better idea of what frac'ing is.

Again, I appreciate you exercising your right to protest, but you would do your argument some good if you learned what you were talking about.