Comment: Proof that Piers can't read proper English.

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Proof that Piers can't read proper English.

"A well educated Citizenry, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books, shall not be infringed."

Can you read THIS sentence Mr. Morgan?

Simple isn't it?

Your stupidity and hatred is clouding your brain.

Clearly, the amendment recognizes a PRE-EXISTING right and seeks to protect it. And also very clear is that the right being protected is an INDIVIDUAL right.

No one in their right mind would claim the above sentence only protects public libraries, or the right to read books only in a government approved and run book-club, instead of your PERSONAL and INDIVIDUAL right to keep and read books.

Also notice, the right is BOTH keep AND read - just as the real second amendment protects the rights to both KEEP and BEAR arms.

"Regulated" in the original amendment, and "educated" in this version are comparable. "Regulated" does not mean restricted - it means "kept regular" which if you had a clue about words, their uses and meanings, Mr. Morgan, you would know that in this context, a Militia, which is "kept regular" is one that is trained and prepared to carry out their duty and responsibility to keep themselves FREE. A critical aspect of being "regular" for a Militia, is to be ARMED. This way, not only is the right to keep and bear arms recognized and protected, it is recognized as being NECESSARY for a people to remain free - that is, not oppressed even by their own government, that if the People always remained armed and properly trained in the use of their arms, that the government could never overpower them, and, it recognizes that since it is their DUTY to keep themselves free, it is their duty to be armed - not the government's place to supply them with arms.

As well, "Militia" and "Citizenry" are comparable, where on the one hand, members of the Militia - that is, all able bodied males between the ages of 15 & 60 are responsible for being armed and trained in keeping the entire population free, so too do the Citizens who chose representatives and other officials, and in some cases, approve laws and taxes via referendum, have the responsibility to remain educated in order to keep all of the People free.

You clearly have no comprehension of the English language Mr. Morgan. You are woefully ignorant of the meanings of the words "militia" "regulated" "necessary" "free" "right" "keep" "bear" "infringe" and perhaps even the phrase "shall not." You certainly can't comprehend descriptive, introductory, and dependent clauses.

You also are completely ignorant of what a "right" is - a right is ALWAYS and can ONLY be individual - there are no such things as "collective rights" or rights that can only be exercised while participating in a group, and certainly not only with approval of a government - that would then be a "privilege."

If you want to re-word the amendment, it's going to take a paragraph or two where currently a single sentence is sufficient, unless of course, your intent is to trample the right and institute tyranny.


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