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There is allot of interesting stuff going on for sure. I have a family member who was involved with a study on the SEAL BUD/S training. They looked at the training program and injury link since inception and found that there are more injuries in the modern era even though more measure toward more safe training had been implemented. Percentage of men with fire in the belly is a relative constant, but men with sufficiently strong joints and very specifically bone density has decreased. Nutrition and latchkey video kids are a likely a factor in this.

Male the law / Female the unconditional love part

Good point but more at the crux of the matter. Instead of recognizing the parts as particularly male and female and to depend on separate male and females to balance the world if you will; we can see these traits as more left and right brained. I believe everyone should strive to be more brain balanced. Left brain (masculine) Self Defense / Right brain (feminine) nurturing. Example, this thread speaks to the pussification of America. Well look at the schools; girls are fist fighting like never before. These senseless acts of aggression manifest from people whom are brain imbalanced. If we depend on individuals to balance the whole you can see where one or the other could get suppressed in many relationships. I'd also argue that that males "should be the heavy handed brute" would lead to no place great just as women should be exclusively nurture, nurture, nurture. Sounds like a recipe for a return to the dark ages.

The real issue here is that we are hooked on professional athletics at all. I was an amateur boxer and martial artist and still enjoy the combative arts, but when ever I tune-in I am disgusted more and more at the marketing schemes that contribute to the extension of adolescence and the dumbing down of adults. To what extent are team wins per season and big money stadium/construction deals linked? How productive is this emphasis of competition OVER cooperation? Who benefits?

I don't see a pussification. I see an androgenization (males and females behaving more alike but not necessarily balanced) and general proliferation of the brain imbalanced collective.