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It's not anti-semetic, which today, that term doesn't apply, so why is it used? I don't know.

Yes, it is like the US, but more intense, because Americans, at least by my research, don't understand the matrix of dynamics involved.. such as the fact millions of people, not just Jews, have applied for amnesty there, and like America, despite the walls, they find ways in, and they want to be there with ALL their hearts.. they believe, and I'm not talking about God, I am talking about the hope for a sovreign secular government order, not a UN agenda being brought to us by global MSM perspectives.

Rather than anti-semetic, I find it provocative because it exposes nothing to be proud of, for the purpose of evoking bad sentiments, when the whole truth, that tine country has a huge illegal immigration problem with people far more desperate than any national from America's borders.

Search for crap and you will find it.. it's easy. Search for the good and you will be amazed and relieved.