Comment: By all means, save that OAK. But...

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By all means, save that OAK. But...

1) What the heck does this mean? "If it buys the parcel, the group says it plans to turn it into a park. Otherwise, the land will be "back on the market as a development tract," Hagood says. "And it's very appealing to a developer because it's already permitted.""

Am I missing something? The group collecting all this money from people WANTING TO SAVE THE TREE *could* put the land back on the market?

2) If it was so important - and I, for one, think it is! - then how was the land not ZONED so as to provide a protective zone for the tree? WHO voted to allow that land to be developed in the first place?

3) A wonderful book on old growth forests is Reading The Forested Landscape, by Tom Wessels. It's an amazing book whether one's interest is trees, natural history/ecology, or American history. Read a summary at

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