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I'm going to try one more thing--

I didn't downvote you, though you may be a troll, and I don't expect you to respond--

but I hope you will listen--

The person who did this youtube is a journalist. In Israel. He's probably Jewish, as a matter of fact, because many Jews do NOT like racism.

Towards the end, if you watched the youtube you will see that someone suggests taking his camera away--

and they call him names.

This happens ALL the time here in America today, where people will be taking pictures of misdeeds, and the miscreant will take and destroy the camera--

it happened about a year ago in Omaha--

police were brutalizing an innocent man, and a family member was taking a picture of it (something most DPers would approve of; it's important to get a record)--

that person's camera was taken away, and an elderly family member was knocked down in the process, but someone across the street was also taking a picture--

as a result of that, this actually showed up in Omaha newspapers; the people the police were harassing were absolutely without blame; if someone in the neighborhood with courage had not used his/her camera, nothing would have been done about the travesty--

records need to be made; journalism needs to happen, everywhere--

I agree that the word "deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" (however many 'e's were used) was probably unnecessary--

often OPers shoot themselves in the foot while trying to post information--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--