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yes, we qualify--

and we work our fingers to the bone; we are in our 60s; we worked all our lives--

one of us went to work at 11; the other at 15--

we haven't stopped; we also went to college, graduated, did graduate work (both of us) and never used any government assistance; sometimes we went hungry--

and now we are poor--

we qualify for food stamps, but we don't take them/get them; for one thing we are too busy trying to survive to take the time out to fill out the papers; for another thing, when we search our hearts . . .

we don't want to take the help.

We want to feed ourselves. We only use SS. We know how much we've paid in, and we're only getting a tiny fraction of it back--

One of us qualifies for SS disability, but we haven't applied for that either--

we could get medicare/medicaid, but we don't want to apply for that either; we don't want to use it--

and we even paid into that--

and now we HAVE to have insurance; we don't have the money to pay for premiums, not for Obama's 'insurance plan', not for 'private' insurance--

we have been taking care of our own health--

it's an outrage--

I'm glad there are those who can retire and enjoy life; we'll work 'til we drop--

*speaking of which; must get back to work*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--