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By my research

and I say, by my research in most posts, so if I missed saying that in this particular post, excuse me.. it is by my research, which I don't know if I ever will conclude, however, most definately plan on spending some time in that tiny country.. so much to see and do in so many ways.. from documentaries to movies, and I love mid east movies.. each shows something of the cultures, governments, dreams, struggles, history..

I admit to being a zionist, and there's your answer for my reception. I would think this would be an ideal opportunity to debate the issue of that tine country, alas, there is a ban on the topic, I don't know why. I don't think it's anti-semetic.. I think propeganda like this reflects the hearts of the people who share it, because there is so much more to share that is awesome.. so why this? Why share what is not awesome?