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Similar experiences?

My son was on a Jury recently.

Agents of the criminal State, known as Homeland Security, were called into action concerning a possible victim in a possible crime.

The victim claimed that she was the victim of verbal assault, terrorism, by the accused.

The accused, as far as my son on the jury could find out, may have said something to the affect that the person making the claim of injury was deserving of some punishment for being such a bitch.

The only evidence was hearsay, even according to the testimony of the person making the claim of having been injured.

My son had to fight against the grain to acquit the person being charged with a nebulous thought crime of nebulous terrorism.

The funny part here, get this please, is that Homeland Security was called into the investigation, and they had no interest in going after this supposed "terrorist," yet the "Trial" proceeded into "Court" at great expense, including having my son take time off of work to judge the case.

My son swayed the jury, with help from other "cooler heads" and the accused was not punished beyond the farce of guilt up to that point.

I was also, recently, asked to be on a Jury, and I volunteered to go through the process, through the Rapiscan radiation attack, and through the bogus swearing in nonsense, and I went past the bogus "bar" and sat in the supposed seat on the supposed ship, and when the supposed prosecutor asked me some idiotic question I made my declaration instead.

"We are here to avoid punishing an innocent man and at the same time we are here to avoid abandoning an innocent victim."

The judge, apparently, wanted me to stay, but both "law professors" (defense and offense) wanted nothing to do with me, so the judge told me to leave. I accepted the order to leave, having made my declaration of independence.

I am currently involved in the efforts to regain control of voluntary government in the following alliance:

If you would, please, check it out, and let me know your angle of view on it. I can appreciate such help from someone who, in my opinion, is obviously on the voluntary side of things.