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Notice what's always absent your goals

You never mention upholding the rule of law. You may think of upholding the law as inefficient but that's too bad, its called justice and the rule of law. Just like the courts have done away with the jury for minor "criminal" charges. Those juries were too inefficient, I guess in your world. Maybe a trial is too inefficient too from your warped logic. It doesn't really matter what you are or not because the law is the law. You say 90+% "DID IT". The problem is that about 60% of people are charged with something that is NOT A CRIME.

So whatever they "did" was what ever they wanted to do and had no injury upon another and thus no accuser invoking the lawful powers of government through their own consent. The courts would have plenty of time and resources to actually carry out a proper forum of justice. Right now the courts are jammed up with inefficiencies because of tyranny NOT because of any growth in crime.

You can attempt to warp the law into something it is not and eventually BOOM revolution takes thing back into a lawful state one way or another. It happens over and over in history.

If people want to have psychedelic parks with vending machines of LSD, mushrooms, or any other psychedelic substance that they can use freely in a safe environment then we can do that lawfully but it is tyrants who break the law to prevent such a lawful freedom of choice through INJURY they commit upon the people with their false claims all while they claim no liability for their OWN actions making such claims and injury. Some may balk at such a concept but the bottom line is that if we actually have the rule of law such scenarios like this are totally lawful and it would be the duty of lawful government to protect people exercises their free choice of mind expansion. The tyrannical control freaks think they can decide that such realities are "illegal" because of false claims that society will not allow such a scene to exist but the tyrannical control freaks have no lawful standing to prevent such a scenario of freedom.

So in the end none of your bs or the "courts" bs is going to matter when you have an ARMY of law abiding people challenging you on EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. You want to see inefficiencies you wait till the people wake all the way up and you are going to see that the current system is not efficient or lawful in anyway whatsoever. Once the awareness grows to encompass the understanding of everyone surrounding these "judges" and "court personnel" to see that even people in their own social circles are turning on them and letting them know they are going to go prison for their unending crime and injustices against the people then it will finally sink in just how bad they have destroyed everything around them with their desire to "protect" and be the deciders of everyone's "lawful" activities.

Regardless of what you think about me I am only stating what is the only lawfully congruent path through the application of justice under our laws. You and your criminal buddies can attempt to violate the real law but you will eventually see just how outnumbered you are on ALL fronts regardless of the current state of brainwashing.

I don't want real criminals on the streets either but I also know that the same army of law abiding people that will turn the system inside out and bring justice to the real criminals claiming to be government is the same army that are the eyes and ears for keeping our communities safe and would invoke the lawful powers of justice if actually or imminent injury was about to take place. Right now because of all the crime most people I know would never call the cops even if they witnessed a crime because most I know assume that the cop and the courts will probably destroy their life for simply coming into contact with them. I don't think you comprehend the value and efficiency and dispersed intelligence/investigation that happens when you have a cooperative and lawfully voluntary system. You may 1000 cops in a city of 100,000 people but out of those 100,000 people you have at least 90% of the people who never intentionally injure anyone and can be effective at keeping our communities safe IF they are not deathly afraid of insane psychotic terrorists calling themselves "law enforcement" and "courts".

It is insane and criminal to attack and penalize people who have never harmed anyone and would never have any intention to do so. People who never harm anyone are the people we want to be for the rule of law even if they trip out on psychedelics in their own psychedelic park. Hell even someone smoke's crack and does not injure another but are willing to be witnesses to those who have intentional injured should be considered law abiding people and an ally of the rule of law. Your not getting the reasons for innocent until proven guilty and just powers being derived from the consent of the governed. Their is REAL maximum efficiency and efficacy to this lawful application of justice.

Our goal should be inclusion of all people who do not injure others regardless of their activities, thoughts positions or otherwise. This is what gives us the maximum amount of protection in a society through the maximum number of eyes and ears on the look out disturbances of the peace.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...