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I have spoken with them about this.

The older of the two escaped in the 60's and wasn't there for the collapse. The younger of the two is in his 50's and has so much hatred for what happened there when the currency collapsed that every place looks good to him, and even though I warn him, he is not aware enough to understand what is going on here.

They have both mentioned however that everyone knew the media was corrupt in Russia. A standing joke was after waiting 15 years for a refrigerator, you held the door open in front of the TV to 'stock' it.

I've been following a discussion on another forum about prior revolutions and the common thread is hungry people. I believe that if it were not for the food (support) here in the US there would be more people in the streets.

Hopefully people will continue to educate their neighbors so when the collapse does come, people will know the cause.