Comment: Sparks Police: Official Recruiting Ad: Combat; SWAT; & Jobs

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Sparks Police: Official Recruiting Ad: Combat; SWAT; & Jobs

City of Sparks PD, Nevada Now hiring! - Sparks Police Department. 165 person police department & growing. Serving a city population of 92,000 (circa 2012).

Min : Sec ~ Description
0:00 Professional dramatic opening http://www.CityofSparks.US
0:10 CHIP's (California Highway Patrol) TV Show style opening
0:16 U.S. Army (style combat training; ; flash-bang)
0:22 Training wheels; lots of crash bars
0:25 Horse patrol
0:27 Bicycle patrol
0:30 Deluxe Paddy Wagon
0:32 Combat training
0:34 S.W.A.T. dressing room
0:36 Weight room; exercise machines
0:38 Dispatch
0:40 K-9 training
0:43 D.A.R.E Drug Patrol
0:47 Surveilanc stations with multiple screens
0:49 Guns stored in open barrels next to filing cabinets
1:00 Combat
1:04 Sparks Police Department - "Where Community Comes First"
1:22 Meet the Sparks City Chief of Police.
1:58 K-9 training
2:02 Volunteers
2:18 "We have a small town feel. We are still willing to take the small calls. We are still responsive to the public requests. So, we don't take little things lightly."
2:55 "The Sparks Police Department is 165 strong & growing." (population 92,000)
4:00 "Here are some of the specialized career opportunities at Sparks P.D.: Traffic; K-9; Mounties; Combat; Bomb Retriever; Finger-print duster; Bike Team; Gang Team; Honor Guard; Accident; Crisis; Suppression; Outreach; 911
0931 Combat. http://www.CityofSparks.US Now hiring!
[Recruiting promotional announcement, paid for by the safe & sane taxpayers of Sparks, Nevada.]

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