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bublib blabb blibber

Ok. Again, you are using your own definition of terms such as "law" "rule of law" "lawful" "crimes" etc. and that is the only way that any small aspect of any of what you say makes any sense.

You should supply a phreedom to English translator with your posts so that when you say "rule of law" matters, people will know you aren't really talking about the rule of law, you are saying "I want my own idea of utopia to exist and anything else violates the rule of law."

It's really mental masturbation.

I am talking about the world as it exists, and how that can be improved upon, and you keep responding with nonsequiturs about your version of a utopian society.

but nowhere do I advocate eliminating juries for crimes. I can't think of any reason why you would claim I have such a belief, except that it is a form of an ad hominem attack. Sort of like, if chicken doesn't agree with me, he must love Hitler and hate cute puppies and women with long legs. For the record, so you don't try to twist that, long legs = good, puppes= awesome, Hitler = bad.

Not aware that there is a move to eliminate juries for crimes. (I've actually not heard of this happening, and if it is happening, that is unconstitutional). I've heard of eliminating juries for infractions. Infractions are not crimes.

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